I Won’t Sign Your NDA

Don’t ever say this:  “I have an idea and I need your advice.  But first, can you sign my non-disclosure agreement?”


I’d love to help brainstorm or share my insight on your idea.  I’m not going to sign your NDA.  This is why:


1. Your idea is worthless

Ideas are plentiful and cheap.  Yours is not special.  What is special is the ability to turn that idea into reality.

Execution is all that matters.  Stop wasting time protecting an idea that isn’t real yet, and spend all of your time making it real and amazing.

The exception to this rule is ideas built on a ton of domain knowledge.  Science heavy, or an industry niche.


2. There’s no time to waste

The best protection for any idea today is to build it better and faster than anyone else can.

Don’t waste the little time you have.  Start building your idea NOW.  If the idea is as “original” and “amazing” as you say it is, prove it.


3. I’m not going to steal it

I’m not stealing your idea.  I’m too busy working on my own ideas.  That’s why you want advice from me.


4. Secrecy sucks

If your idea is awesome, I want to share it with people I know that can help you.  You want me to share it.  That’s how you’re going to find amazing minds to help you build it.


Now get out there and build your fucking idea!