We should all shoot for the stars (and miss)

Usually when I have an objective and I work to complete it, the end result is a very different scenario than I pictured as a *complete objective* at the outset. I think this is pretty cool, because we tend to model our objectives on familiar things we see in life, but it would be boring if every person was solving the same life problems in the same way. ¬†That’s a stagnant society. ¬†Of course, many obstacles in the human life are similar between humans, but as we delve into the eccentric qualities of the human character, the “different” outcomes of these objectives become your defining qualities as a person. The species diversity of human beings.

So, do things and be open about the result. Adapt quickly. What keeps most people from achieving their goals is too firm of an idea of what those goals are.

Do what you want to do, and be open to the world’s interpretation of what that looks like.

If you shoot for the stars and miss, you could end up in a new universe. That would be an amazing discovery.