Is the Internet step 1 to unified consciousness?

Obligatory “I haven’t been posting enough” note

For the past few years I’ve been trying to post very final blog entries.  Polished, edited, etc.  That doesn’t seem to work, because I’m not posting much.  Now I’m just going to try to post more often.  So, here goes.


Where we’re going?

In 500 years, if humans are still alive, do you believe they’ll be thinking independently?  I don’t.   I think one of the greatest human inventions will (someday) be a shared consciousness that 1. forces humans to empathize with one another (hopefully making us more compassionate beings), and 2. educates us much quicker on the human knowledge base.  Wow, that sounds like a cool world to live in.


Is the internet version 1.0?

Yeah!  Totally.  At least, it’s version x along the line of whatever we call the progression of recording human knowledge and making it shareable between all living minds with the least friction.

I can’t wait for whatever breakthroughs are coming in our understanding of the human brain.  The more we learn about learning, the faster we’ll be able to consume knowledge and the more ideas we can come up with.  Since each being’s perspective is different, if we each had access to the full body of human knowledge – what kind of advanced, creative ideas would we be generating every day?