Brain Keyboard

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and wanted to get the general idea written down. It’s very rough.

One of the next major revolutions in technology will be brain machine interfaces. Specifically an interface with instant thought-access to things like spreadsheets and notepads.

Computers make humans much more productive by providing very rapid access to powerful data-storage and manipulation tools. Those are things our brains just aren’t very good at.

But the keyboard, mouse, and screen are the current bottlenecks for accessing a computer’s tools. A bottleneck that exists even for very fast typists and savvy computer users.

What if you could access a spreadsheet and manipulate data at the speed of thought?

We should all shoot for the stars (and miss)

Usually when I have an objective and I work to complete it, the end result is a very different scenario than I pictured as a *complete objective* at the outset. I think this is pretty cool, because we tend to model our objectives on familiar things we see in life, but it would be boring if every person was solving the same life problems in the same way.  That’s a stagnant society.  Of course, many obstacles in the human life are similar between humans, but as we delve into the eccentric qualities of the human character, the “different” outcomes of these objectives become your defining qualities as a person. The species diversity of human beings.

So, do things and be open about the result. Adapt quickly. What keeps most people from achieving their goals is too firm of an idea of what those goals are.

Do what you want to do, and be open to the world’s interpretation of what that looks like.

If you shoot for the stars and miss, you could end up in a new universe. That would be an amazing discovery.

Is the Internet step 1 to unified consciousness?

Obligatory “I haven’t been posting enough” note

For the past few years I’ve been trying to post very final blog entries.  Polished, edited, etc.  That doesn’t seem to work, because I’m not posting much.  Now I’m just going to try to post more often.  So, here goes.


Where we’re going?

In 500 years, if humans are still alive, do you believe they’ll be thinking independently?  I don’t.   I think one of the greatest human inventions will (someday) be a shared consciousness that 1. forces humans to empathize with one another (hopefully making us more compassionate beings), and 2. educates us much quicker on the human knowledge base.  Wow, that sounds like a cool world to live in.


Is the internet version 1.0?

Yeah!  Totally.  At least, it’s version x along the line of whatever we call the progression of recording human knowledge and making it shareable between all living minds with the least friction.

I can’t wait for whatever breakthroughs are coming in our understanding of the human brain.  The more we learn about learning, the faster we’ll be able to consume knowledge and the more ideas we can come up with.  Since each being’s perspective is different, if we each had access to the full body of human knowledge – what kind of advanced, creative ideas would we be generating every day?